Short Films

The Upstander Project team is proud to present three short films born of the work of creating DAWNLAND.


13 mins, 2015, Documentary
For centuries, the United States government has taken Native American children away from their tribes, devastating parents and denying children their traditions, culture, and identity. FIRST LIGHT documents these practices from the 1800s to today and tells the story of an unprecedented experiment in truth-telling and healing for Wabanaki people and child welfare workers in Maine.


15 mins, 2019, Documentary
A Passamaquoddy elder journeys into an unclear past to better understand herself and her cultural heritage.


Documentary short in post-production, release in 2020

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Penobscot parents and their children celebrate their survival by reading and reacting to a bounty proclamation that promised large sums of money for colonial settlers to hunt, scalp, and murder their ancestors.